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Roman Republic Vocab

6th Grade History

Romulus & Remus legendary twin brothers in the founding of Rome; raised by a wolf
Romulus killed his brother and then founded Rome
Remus was killed by his brother who founded Rome
Republic a form of government in which leaders are elected to represent the people
Patricians the upper social class of ancient Rome; wealthy and politically powerful
Plebeians the lower social class of ancient Rome; poor; 95% of the population
Senate group of 300 Patricians elected to govern Rome; served for life
Consuls 2 chief leaders of Rome
Conflict of the Orders struggle between Patricians and Plebeians for political power
Tribunes of the Plebs Plebeians elected to represent Plebeians in government
Veto refuse to approve proposed laws; Plebeians had power of veto
Council of Plebs lawmaking body that only governed Plebs
Twelve Tables tablets of written laws
Constitution a set of basic laws
Separation of powers/Checks & balances limitations of government that ensure too much power doesn't fall into the hands of any one person or office
Julius Caesar successful general; "Dictator for Life," beloved by the Plebeians for his reforms; assassinated by the Senate, who feared his growing power
Gaul modern-day France; conquered and added to Rome's territory by Caesar
dictator a leader with absolute power; Roman dictators usually only served in an emergency, and for 6 months
Carthage Phoenician city in North Africa who rivaled Rome for control of Sicily and other Mediterranean locations; fought Rome in the Punic Wars
Punic Wars series of wars between Carthage (Phoenicians) and Rome; Rome won; led to control of the Mediterranean
Hannibal Carthaginian general who led Carthage in the Punic Wars
Spartacus slave who led a revolt (unsuccessful, died in battle)
Pompey Roman general who fought Caesar for control of Rome; was defeated
Created by: jfrederick