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Chapter 15


European imperialists redrew the map of Africa with little regard for ____________ ethnic boundaries
The genocide of the Armenians in the 1890s took place during the rule of the ________ empire Ottoman
Who established the "Three Principles of the People?" Sun Yixian
During the Qing Dynasty, massive flooding, official corruption, and hardship led to the Taiping Rebellion
What was the Russo-Japanese War? conflict between Russia and Japan over control of Korea and Manchuria
Describe the East India Company in the 1800s It worked to reduce banditry and preserve peace
Describe the Meiji Restoration the Meiji Reformers adapted the German model of government
The treaty that ended the Spanish-American War gave the United States control of _______________ the Philippines
What was the Boxer Uprising? anti-foreign movement in China around 1899-1900
What factors led to the Boer War? diamonds and gold discovered in Africa
What was the Roosevelt Corollary? allows U.S. interference, claimed international police power, U.S. will intervene in conflicts between European countries and Latin American countries
Describe European imperialism. What motivated them? the Industrial Revolution was a driving force
How were efforts to Westernize problematic for the Ottoman Empire? adoption of western styles of government led to resentment of foreign influence and increased tensions
Who is sometimes called the "father of modern Egypt." He introduced a number of political and economic reforms, including improving tax collection, reorganizing the landholding system, and backing large irrigation projects to increase farm output. Muhammad Ali
Who was Sun Yixian and what did he do? influential in overthrowing the Qing Dynasty (1911-1912), he served as the first provisional president of the Republic of China (1911-1912) and later as defacto ruler (1923-1925)
Define Social Darwinism European races, they argued, were superior to all others, and imperial conquests of weaker races was simply nature’s way of improving the human species.
What caused the first Sino-Japanese War competition between China and Japan to establish control over Korea resulted in the first Sino-Japanese War
A rebellion that took place in India in 1857. The Indian soldiers are most likely to be fighting people from what country? British
What was the Monroe Doctrine? 1823-the American continents are not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers, warned European powers to not interfere in the affairs of the Western Hemisphere
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