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Europe study guide

Berlin Wall A symbol of the cold war, built by the soviet Union
parliament The legislative body of the English government
Thames river that flows through London England.
Holocaust 6 million jews die in concentration camps and ghettos because of the Nazis "final solution"
Arch de Triumph Famous structure in the heart of Paris France
Nationalism intense loyalty to ones country
Feudalism A political system used in europe that consisted of Lords, Nobles, Knights, and peasants.
Protestant reformation started by Martin Luther, a christian breakaway from the catholic church, led to formation of protestant churches
Ant-semitism dislike and/or discrimination of Jews
Monarchy Government ran by a king or queen
crusades series of wars between Christians and Muslims
Nordic Countries northern European Countries
mistral A cold, dry wind from the north that hits the coast of France
mountain ranges protects parts of southern europe from cold winds from the north
North Atlantic Drift a current of warm water flowing from the tropics near europes western coast
prevailing westerlies Winds that carry warm air from the north atlantic drift into europe
Democracy government ran by the people
republic government in which people elect representatives to make decisions, a representative democracy
sirocco A hot steady wind that flows from north africa across the mediterranean, into southern europe
netherlands 27% of country is below sea level
greece the birthplace of democracy
rome the birthplace of the republic
renaissance period (1300-1600) of a rebirth or renewal of learning the starts in italy (art, writing, sculpture)
bubonic plague disease that killed 1/3 of Europeans
martin luther wrote the 95 thesis, started the protestant reformation
satellite nations countries that exist under the direction of another, more dominant country
ethnic cleansing trying to eliminate an entire group of people
fjord U-shaped valleys that connect to the sea carved out by the glaciers over millions of years
europe peninsula of peninsulas
city-state a political unit made up of a city and its surrounding area
aqueduct constructed to carry water from one place to another
market economy privately owned business decide what and how much to produce for consumers
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