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chapter 2 keywords


Agency for Health Care Policy and Research A fedeal agency estblished in 1990 to research the qualities of health care delivey and identify the standards treatment that should be prvded by health care faclities
Assisted Living Facilities and Independent Living Facilities Allow individuals who can care for themselves to rent or purchase an apartment in the faciltiy
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Another divison of the USDHHS
Clinics satellite clinics or satellite centers are health care facilities found in many types of health care.
Dental Offices They vary on size. Some offics are privately owned by one or more clinics.
Emergency Care Services Provide special care for victims of accidents or sudden illness.
Food and Drug Administration A federal agency responsible for regulating food and drug products sold to the public
Genetic Counseling Centers An independent facility or located in another facility such as a hospital, clinic, or physician`s office
Health Departments Provides health services as directed by the U.S
Health Insurance Plan Is a method for people to pay for the cost od healthcare
Health Maintenance Organizations Is another type of health insurance plan
Home Health Care Agenics are designed to provide care in a patients home
Hospice Agenics provide care for terminally ill person with life expectanices of six monthes or less
Hospitals Are one of the major types of healthcare facilities
Industrial Healthcare Centers Occupational Health Clinics are founded in large company or industry. Such centers provide health care for employees or business by performing basic examinations, teaching accident prevention and safety and providing emergency care
Labortories Are often part of other facilities but can operate as separate healthcare services
Long Ternm Care Facilities Mainly provide assstance and care for ederly patients.
Managed Care Is an approach that has developed in response to rising healthcare cost.
Medical Is a medical assistance program operated by individual states.
Medical Office Vary from offices that are privately owned by one doctor two large complxes that operate as corporations and employ many doctors and other healthcare professionals.
Medicare Is a federal government program that provides healthcare for all individuals overs the age of 65 and for any person with a disabilitiy who has receives social security benefits for at least two years.
Mental Health Facilities Treats patients with mental disorders and dieases.
National Institutes of Health Divison of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (USDHHS)involoved in research and diseases.
Nonprofit Agency Are supported by donations, membership fees, fundaraisers, federal or state grants.
Occupational Safety and Health Adminstration (OSHA) Establishes and enforces standards that protect workers from job-related injuries and illness.
Optical Centers Can be individually owned by an ophtalmologist(eye doctor),optometrist (eye specialist) or they can be part of a large chain of stores. They provide vision, examinations, prescribe eyeglasses, and check for the presences for eye disease.
Organization Structure A structure that may be complex, as in larger facilites or simple, as in smaller facilites.
Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Another type of health insurance.
Rehabilitation Facitlites Are located in hospitals, clinics and/or private centers.
School Health Service Are Found in Schools and Colleges
Tricare Formerly called (CHAMPUS) the Civilian Health and Medical Programs for the Uniformed Services. Is a U.S Government health insurance for all military personnel
U.S. Department of Health and Human Sevices (USDHHC) A national agency that deals with health problem in the U.S.
Voluntary agencis Are called non proft agenics which are supported by donations, membership fees, fundraiser and/or state grants
Worker Compensation Is a health insurance plan providing treatment for workers injured on a job
World Health Organzation (WHO) An international agency sponsored by the United Nations complies statistics and information on dieases and publishes health information, and investigates and addresses serious health problems throughout the world.
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