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skin lesions. ch.5

medical ch.5

abrasion a scraping ir rubbing away of the skin or mucous membrane as a result of friction to the area
abscess a localized collection of pus in any body part that results from invasion or pus-forming bacteria
bedsore an inflammtion, sore, or ulcer in the skin over a bony prominence of the body-resulting from loss of blood supply & oxygen to the area due to prolonged pressure on the body part
blister a small thin-walled skin lesion containing clear fluid, a vesicle
bulla a large blister
carbuncle a circumscribed inflammtion of the skin and deeper tissues that contains pus, which eventually discharges to the skin surface
comedo the typical lesion of acne vulgaris, caused by the accumlation of kertain and sebum within the opening of a hair follicle
hives circumscribed, slightly elevated lesions of the skin that are paler in the center than its surrounding edges
laceration a tear in the skin,a torm, jagged wound
furuncle a locaized pus-producing(pyogenic) infection orginating deep in a hair follicle, characterized by pain, redness, and swelling , also known as a boil
fistula an abnormal passageway between two tubular organs(such as rectum and vagina) or from an organ to the body surface
fissure a cracklike sore or groove in the skin or mucous membrane
cyst a closed sac or pouch in or within the skin that contains fluid, semifuild, or solid material
vescile a small thin-walled skin lesion containing clear fluid, a blister
ulcer a circumscribed, open sore or lesion of the skin that is accompained by inflammation
scales thin flakes of hardend epithelium that are shed from the epidermis
pustule a small elevation of the skin filled with pus, a small abcess on the skin
polyp a small, stalklike growth that protrudes upward or outward from a mucous membrane surface-resembling a mushroom stalk
papule a small, solid,circumsribed elevation on the skin
nodule a small, circumscribed swelling protruding above the skin, a small node
macule a small, flat discoloration of the skin that is neither raised nor depressed
wheal a circumscribed, slightly elevated lesion of the skin that is paler in the center than its surrounding edges, hives
Created by: Courtneey