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Ancient Greece-206-H

Chapter 8&9

The Mainland of Greece is a 229 ? Penninsula
The ? settled on the island of Crete 230? Minoans
Greece fell into a period of warfare and disorder called ? 231? Dark Ages
A fortress on a high hill was called a 232? Acropolis
An eruption on the island of ? was blamed for the disappearance of the Minoans 234. Thera
People who have the right to participate in government are called 237 Citizens
Who is called the father of democracy 238 Cleisthenes
How did slaves determine who had to go to assembly 239? Wore red dye through market
Pericles thought ? was just as important as defending Athens 240. Participating in government
The democracy created by the American government is a 241? Republic
A body of stories about gods and heroes that try to explain how the world works 243 Mythology
Theseus slayed the ? in Crete 244. Minotaur
The Iliad and the Odyssey were told by a blind poet named 246 Homer
Short stories that teach lesson on life are 247 Fables
Achilles heel is known as a weak spot because an arrow killed a great warrior named 248 Achilles
Boys of Athens only had to defend the city between 18-20, unless times of war 268 Athens
Let people he conquered keep their customs 261 Cyrus the Great
During Darius I rule of Persia he introduced a new type of religion that taught only two forces, good and evil, called 263 Zoroastrianism
After the battle of Marathon a messenger ran ? miles to Athens to tell of the victory 264 26
How was the the small Athenian navy able to defeat the large Persian navy 265 The Persian Navy could fit into the small straight
At what age would a Spartan soldier be granted full citizenship 267 30
The war between Athens and Sparta was called 271 Pelopennesian War
Phillip II was the first to be able to conquer the Greeks, how did he improve the Greek strategies of the phalanx 273 Longer spears, followed by a cavalry and archers.
Alexander admired Greek culture and spread it throughout his empire historians refer to it as ? 275 Hellenistic
The ? was a temple built to the goddess Athena 278 Parthenon
? taught by asking questions about human qualities 281 Socrates
Which Philosopher created a school called The Academy 281 Plato
Why did Aristotle believe reason should govern peoples lives 281 Because people should think about their actions
Who is know for his work in geometry 281 Euclid
Created by: Huff-206