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Mexican Revolution 1

Mariah, Maddie, Anna

Cry of Dolores The expression associated with the 1810 Mexican revolt against the Spanish, a cry of sorrow and anger. Also known as the Grito de Dolores, it triggered the Mexican struggle for independence.
Creoles Have European ancestry, but born in Latin America. Fearing loss of privileges, they joined together,and led by Hidalgo to declare Mexican's independence in 1821.
Miguel de Hidalgo Mexican priest who established an independence movement among Indians and mestizos in 1810; after early victories he was captured and executed.
Benito Juarez Mexican national hero; brought liberal reforms to Mexico, including separation of church and state, land distribution to the poor, and an educational system for all of Mexico
Virgin of Guadalupe Hidalgo marched with a banner decorated with it so it became the symbol of Mexican resistance and independence, and was featured on the earliest Mexican flag.
How long was the fight for Mexican independence 11 years
José María Morelos Another revolutionary priest, sought to abolish slavery and continued the world of father Hidalgo.
How did Hidalgo died? Captured by Spanish and sentenced to death.
Ayuntamiento Mexican city council
Plan of Iguala called for monarchy in independent Mexico
Congress of Chilpancingo created by Morelos, began legal outlines for revolts
Agustín de Iturbide leader of Royalists (Mexicans of Spanish descent or conservatives) and helped negotiate the Plan of Iguala
Treaty of Cordoba approves the plan to make Mexico an independent monarchy
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