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German history quiz

What does the book mean when it is stated that “He (Napoleon) annexed lands along the Rhine River? The book means Napoleon added lands along the Rhine River for france.
Why did Germans welcome Napoleon at first? Give at least three reasons He encouraged freeing the serfs, made trade easier, and abolished laws against the Jews, enlightenment ideas.
Explain the German Confederation. Instead of dismantling the government in each German state, peacemakers created the German Confederation, a weak alliance headed by Austria.
Before Germany was able to unite politically they united economically, what was this called? the Zollverein
Bismarck came from the Junk class and became chancellor, what is a chancellor? the highest official of a monarch
Bismarck’s loyalty did not lie with “German Nationalism” rather with what? Explain what that meant. Bismarck’s loyalty was with the Hohenzollerns, or the ruling dynasty of Prussia, who represented a powerful, traditional monarchy.
With whom did Bismarck form an Alliance with? Austria
After defeating what country was Bismarck able to “break up” the German Confederation? Austria
Explain how Bismarck tricked Napoleon III into war. He tricked Napoleon III into war, by rewriting a meeting King William I and the French ambassador to make it seem like William I had insulted the Frenchmen.
Why did Germany refer to itself as the “2nd Reich” Because they considered it heir to the Holy Roman Empire.
Created by: SarahVanDam16