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Argentine Revolution

Sierra G, Hannah W, Amelia C

Viceroys/colonial officer Administrative official who rules a colony on behalf of the ruler of the mother country
Creoles Spaniards born in the Americas
Encomienda the right to organize unpaid labor by the earliest Spanish colonists in Latin America.
Hacienda A Spanish owned plantation that used native or slave labor
Mestizo a person of Spanish and Native American descent
Mulattoes a person of European and African descent
Vice-royalty of the Rio de La Plata vice-royalty of the Spanish empire which encompassed modern-day Paraguay, Uruguay, Bolivia, and Argentina, its capital being Buenos Aires.
Ferdinand VII of Spain king of Spain until Joseph Bonaparte overthrew him and he was abdicated. the colonies accepted him as rightful leader of Spain, however, they did not accept Joseph because he was not Spanish
Continental System Napoleon forbade his allies and conquests to trade with Britain. Britain needed to be able to trade with Spanish colonies, but was not able to do so as the colonies were restricted to only trading with parent state
abdication to renounce a throne, high office, dignity, or function
Viceroy Baltasar Hidaldo de Cisneros previously a Spanish naval officer, served as the last viceroy of Rio de La Plata ruling in the Seville junta, governing body ruling on behalf of the Spanish crown. He was deposed as a viceroy during the May revolution and was later banished to Spain
Joseph Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte's brother and king of Naples then Spain. He was the king of Spain during the Argentine Revolution of 1810.
Primera Junta also called the First Assembly. It was he firsy independent government of Argentina. It was created in 1810 as a result of the May Revolution. esisted Joseph Bonaparte's rule.
Junta a committee formed to govern over a specific area, commonly formed after a revolution of sorts
Supreme Court Junta established in 1808 and was formed due to discord between other juntas over which one of them governs directly in representation of the crown
May Revolution a series of events in 1810 that lasted a week and took place in Buenos Aires. It removed viceroy Baltasar Hidalgo de Cisneros and successfully implemented the primera junta
Cabildo a meeting of creole officials that consulted on the future governmental structure of the viceroy
Created by: OCSAPWorld