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ancient civilization

Why did the early civilizations emerge around rivers? needed water for irrigation and transportation
Mesopatamia had the least amount of what? least amount of natural barriers and got invaded more often
Written system of the Sumerians? Cuneiform(1st written system)
Written system of Phoenicians? Alphabetic writing system
written system of Chinese? written language not connected to spoken language
What was the code of Hammurabi significant and how was it applied? 1st uniform written set of laws and it didnt treat the poor or women fair
most important contribution of the Hebrews? developed monotheism,father=Abraham,10 commandments
most important contribution of Zoroaster and the Persians? Zoroaster=angels/demons Persians=first human civilization
How did the Mandate of Heaven affect change of government in China? Prevented rebellion
what was feudalism and what problems did it create? a combination of legal and military customs in medieval Europe that flourished between the 9th and 15th centuries led to problems b/c ocal lords started fighting w/ each other
How did Shi Huandgi rule china? Used legalism,burned books,built some of the great wall,heavy taxes
Achievements of Zhou dynasty? put coined money in Iron weapons/tools,warring states,feudalism
Achievements of Qin dynasty? Legalism,burned books,heavy taxes,great wall
Achievements of Han dynasty? invent paper,silk trade w/India and Rome,examination system used
Underlying objective of Confucianism and Legalism? trying to restore social order
relationship between religion and gov't in egypt? theocracy-believed the pharoh would be a god;preserve bodies using mummification and used tombs
Why was the rosetta stone important? helped us translate and understand egyptian hieroglyphs
Why do we know so little about the Indus Valley civilization? indus language hadnt been fullyy translated
Caste system and its orign *class determined by job and aryans brought it to india
India's golden age *astronomy *value of zero,pi,+decimal center
Compare Hinduism and BUddhism hinduism=polytheistic,caste system,its a religion, believed in karma,rebirth,had over 1 bill followers *Buddhism=Its a philosphy,doesn't use the caste system,not a religion,karma
How did Buddhism spread? How did it change through culutral diffusion? spreads through missionary work and trade *culutural diffusion=silk trade
technological achievements of Indian civilization? plumbing,toilets,private rr connected to underground sewer
technological achievements of Egyptian civilization? *365 day calendar, geometry,astronomy,+pyramids,built tombs, women treated better
technological achievements of Mesopotamia civilization? easily invaded,sumerians inventions(wheel,soil, plow,+bronze metalwork
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