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Medical Abbreviation

Medical abbreviations from Chapter 5

AC Accommodation
ad lib As desired
AE Above the elbow, adverse effects
AK Above the knee
AMA American Medical Association, against medical advice
AMI Acute myocardial infarction
ARDS Adult respiratory distress syndrome
ASAP As soon as possible
BK Below the knee
BM Bowel movement
BP Blood Pressure
Bx Biopsy
CA Cancer
CAD Coronary Artery Disease
CAT Computed Axial Tomography
CC Chief complaint
CCU Coronary Care Unit
CDC Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
CHF Congestive Heart Failure
CV Cardiovascular
d day, 24 hours
/d Per day
DM Diabetes Mellitus
DOB Date of Birth
DVT Deep Vein Thrombosis
Dx Diagnosis
EEG Electroencephalogram
ECG, EKG Electrocardiogram
et and
FACP Fellow of the American College of Physicians
FACS Fellow of the American College of Surgeons
FDA Food and Drug Administration
FHR Fetal heart rate
FHT Fetal heart tone
FS frozen section
FTND Full term normal delivery
FUO Fever of undetermined origin
Fx Fracture
GC Gonorrhea
gt, Gtt, gtt Drop, drops
H hypodermic
hypo Hypodermically
I&D Incision and drainage
ID Intradermal
IM Intramuscular
IS intercostal space
IUD Intrauterine device
IV Intravenous
LAT, lat Lateral
LE Lupus erythematosus
LMP Last menstural period
LPN Licensed Practical Nurse
MI myocardial infarction
MS multiple sclerosis
NPO Nothing by mouth
OA Osteoarthritis
OR Operating Room
ortho Orthopedics
OT Occupational Therapy
Oto Otology
oz pulse, phosphorus
PC, pc After meals
PE Physical Examination
PICU Pulmonary Intensive Care Unit, pediatric intensive care unit
PO Orally
pp post prandial
prn as required
q Every
qns Quantity not sufficient
qs Quantity sufficient
ROM Range of Motion
Rx Prescription
SOB Shortness of Breath
SOS If necessary
Sp. gr. Specific Gravity
STAT Short turnaround time
T Temperature
TIA Transient Ischemic Attack
URI Upper Respiratory infection
VA Visual Acuity
wt Weight
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