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Foundations Greece

Minoans a powerful, seafaring group that dominated trade in the eastern Mediterranean.
Aegean Sea is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea around Greece and Turkey.
Knossos the Minoan capital city, on island of Crete.
King Minos was a king who owned a half human, halfbull monster called the Minotaur and was named the civilization, the Minoans.
Trojan War
were the most powerful traders along the Mediterranean Sea, around Lebanon.
a name from the city of Mycenae, were people who settled in Greece around 2000 BC.
was a 10 year battle against Troy and the Mycenaeans located in Anatolia.
a new group of people that moved into the war-torn countryside and spoke forms of Greek.
was the greatest storyteller, blind man.
are narrative poems celebrating heroic deeds, sometime between 700’s BC.
were developed by Greeks that are traditional stories about their gods.
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