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what father could not speak from the announcement until the birth of his child? Zachrias
who baptized Jesus at the Jordan River? John the Baptist
Jesus gave Simon the name “Peter” which means what? Rock/Stone
what represented Jesus body and blood at the last supper? Bread and cup
where was Jesus arrested? Garden of Gethsemane
who cut off the ear of the high priests servant? Peter
Who is not in the other room when Jesus appeared to the disciples (Doubting) Thomas
What promise did the angles give the disciples after Jesus ascended into heaven That Jesus would return from Heaven someday
What happened at Pentecost Believers received the Holy Spirit
Whom did Peter and John heal at the temple gate A lame man
What husband and wife each died immediately after lying about their offering Ananias and Sapphira
What deacon became the first Christian martyr Stephen
Whom did Philip explain the scripture to in a chariot The Ethiopian eunic
What king had James put to death and Peter imprisoned King Herod
Whom did god use to free Peter from prison An Angel
Who came to answer the door when Peter knocked Rhoda
Who encouraged the believers in Jerusalem to accept Saul Barnabas
In what city were believers first called Christians Antioch
what happened to the magician Elymus when he hindered Saul He became blind
Who was the cousin of Barnabas who abandoned the first missionary journey John Mark
Where did Paul preach first when he arrived in a town Jewish synagogue
Why did the people of Lystra worship Paul as a God He healed a lame man
What did the people of Lystra do to Paul after they heard the messengers from Iconium They stoned him
Whom did Barnabas want to take on the second missionary journey John Mark
Who were Eunice and Lois? Timothy’s mother and grandmother
What version did Paul have in Troas? A man calling him to Macadonia
What was Luke’s occupation He was a doctor
What was the occupation of Lydia She sold purple
What did Paul and Silas do in prison Sang praises to God and prayed
What did God use to open the Philippian jail And earthquake
What did the Philippian jailer do when he saw his prisoners were free He was going to kill himself
What did he ask Paul and Silas What must I do to be saved
How did Paul support himself on his missionary journeys he made tents
What unusual god had the Athenians made an altar to the unknown god
Where did they invite Paul to speak Mars Hill
Why did they laugh at him Because he was preaching the resurrection
Who were the tent makers in Corinth that Paul stayed with Aquila and Priscilla
Who tried to imitate Paul’s miracles Seven sons of Sceba
What goddess did the Ephesians worship in the form of statues Diana
How did The Profit symbolize that Paul would be in prison He tied Paul’s belt around Paul’s hands and knees
Why was Pauls beating canceled He was a Roman citizen
What was the Jewish ruling body that tried Paul in Jerusalem The Sanhedrin
What to religious groups did it represent Sadducees and Pharisees
Which group had Saul been a part of Pharisees
Who was the unjust governor of Caesarea who heard Paul’s case Felix
What king was almost persuaded to become a Christian Agrippa
On what island was Paul shipwrecked Malta
What miracle happened while Paul gathered would after the shipwreck Bit by a viper but didn’t die
What did Paul do while under house arrest in Rome He wrote letters and he preached to the visitors in the garden
Which of Paul’s letters is sometimes called the joy epistle Phillipians
Who was Onesimus? Phileman’s slave that ran away
How is Paul believed to have finally died He was beheaded
Who wrote the book of Acts Luke
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