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Chapter 13


Meiji Restoration in Japan, the reign of Emperor Meiji (Mutsuhito) which was marked by rapid modernization and industrialization; a period of enlightened rule for Japan
Diet Japanese legislature
Zaibatsu powerful Japanese business families who ruled over industrial empires
First Sino-Japanese War conflict between China and Japan in 1894-1895 over control of Korea
Russo-Japanese War conflict between Russia and Japan in 1904-1905 over control of Korea
Mongkut set Siam on the road to modernization
Spanish-American War conflict between the United States and Spain in 1898 over Cuban independence
Liliuokalani ruler of the Hawaiian Islands who was overthrown by planters from the United States
Dominion a self governing nation
Metis people mixed Native American and French Canadian descent
Indigenous original or native to a country or region
Penal Colony place where people convicted of crimes are sent
Maori indigenous people of New Zealand
Regionalism loyalty to a local area
Caudillo strong local leaders in Latin America who challenged central governments for power.
Benito Juarez helped open an era of liberal reform in Mexico known as La Reforma
La Reforma a period of time where peasants were able to acquire land and other privileges in Mexico from 1855 tp 1876
Monroe Doctrine This was the American foreign policy statement which said, "the Western Hemisphere was closed to any future European colonization attempts, and that any attempt to do so would be looked at as an act of war and would be treated as such."
Panama Canal man-made waterway built by the United States between 1904-1914 connecting the Atlantic and Pacific oceans
Matthew Perry Commander of the United States fleet that sailed to Tokyo Bay in 1853 with a letter from President Millard Fillmore demanding Japan open ports for trade
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