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Chapter 13 sec. 1-2

New Global Patterns

Matthew Perry the U.S. Navy commodore who led a fleet of ships into Tokyo Bay in 1853 and demanded that Japan open its ports
Tokyo the new “eastern capital” named in 1867, when Emperor Mutsuhito was restored to power and took the name Meiji
Meiji Restoration the reign of Emperor Meiji, which lasted from 1868 to 1912, during which Japan learned about the West and modernized
Diet a legislature
zaibatsu powerful banking and industrial families of Japan
homogeneous society a society in which all people share a common culture and language
French Indochina French holdings in mainland Southeast Asia, including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia
Mongkut the king of Siam, who ruled from 1851 to 1868 and was able to make agreements to avoid becoming a European colony
Spanish-American War the 1893 war between Spain and the United States, which resulted in the United States taking control of the Philippines
Liliuokalani the Hawaiian queen overthrown by American planters in 1893
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