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Early China


warlord powerful military leader
aristcrat wealthy person in Chinese society
ancestor distant relative
pictograph symbol that represents a word
ideograph more than one pictograph combined to make an idea
bureaucracy non-elected government official
heredity given by way of birth
Mandate of Heaven belief that Chinese rulers have the right to rule by the Gods
Dao the way a King must rule
Confucainism philosophy that believes people should put the needs of their family and community first
Daoism philosophy that believes people need to give up their wants and focus on the Dao, nature, and respect.
Legalism philosophy that believes people are born evil and need a system of laws and consequences to control society
filial piety responsibility of children to take care of their aging parents
censor an official who watches people's behavior
currency money; paper or coin
civil service people who work for the government
tenant farmer a farmer who works land owned by someone else and pays rent in cash or with crops
acupuncture Chinese medical treatment used to cure illnesses by inserting needles into pressure points
Buddhism major religion that spread in China; started in India
Silk Road major trading route on the land and in the sea; started in China, spread over the world
Great Wall a protective barrier build by each dynasty of China
dynasty a line of rulers from the same family
Emperor king of China
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