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Geography of the SE

Chapter 6 & 7

Peninsula land almost surrounded by water
wetland an area of low land that is partly covered by slow-moving or still water
piedmont is an area of high land at the foot of mountains
fall line is a place where rivers drop from a higher to lower land, causing waterfalls and rapids to form
growing season time when the weather is warm enough for plants to grow
hurricane a huge tropical storm, with heavy rain, and winds of more than 73 miles per hour, they form over warm ocean water and may move over land causing terrible damage
fertilizer materials that are added to soil to make it more fertile
Okefenokee one of the largest swamps in the U.S. located in parts of GA and FL
Everglades this wetland covers more than a million acres and is located in FL
Appalachian Mountains run through the middle of the Southeast
Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, and Virginia and provides fresh fish, oysters, clams, and crabs
cash crops crops raised to be sold
Port of Baltimore located in Maryland, it is one of the largest, busiest ports in the U.S.
Port of South Louisiana One of the busiest ports in the U.S.
raw materials natural resources used to make products
international trade the trade among different countries
export a good shipped from one country to be sold in another
abolish end
import a good brought into a country from another
seceed to leave
plantation a huge farm where cash crops are grown
state legislature legislative branch of government that makes the laws for the state
governor leads the executive branch of state government
food processing the cooking, canning, drying, freezing, or packaging of food products
pulp a soft mixture of wood chips and chemicals used to make paper
high tech high technology industries
Sun Belt a wide area in the Southern US that has mild weather all year
New Orleans often called the birthplace of Jazz
tourism selling of products and services to people who visit a place for fun
resorts places for fun or recreation
barrier islands islands off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf coast, made of sand, soil and shells deposited over time by waves.
wildlife refugee a place set aside to protect wild animals and plants
tradition custom
Nashville the Capital of country music
habitat a region in which a plant or animal lives naturally
endangered animals whose numbers are very limited
extinct animals of one kind that has all died out
Bill Monroe Father of Bluegrass music
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