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Russian Revolution

Who were the Bolsheviks? The Communist Party
Who and what form of government influenced Lenin’s politics? Karl Marx and communism influenced the politics of Lenin
Who were the Soviets? The Soviets were made up of the working class and some soldiers
What was the Duma and why was it formed? The Duma was a parliament formed by the Czar to avoid being overthrown
What was Bloody Sunday? January 22, 1905. Families gathered to peacefully protest against czar Nicholas II. They were massacred by the Czar’s Army.
Who was the Czar of Russia at the beginning of the Revolution? Nicholas II
List 3 causes of the Russian Revolution Poor Economy (food, job, and fuel shortages), Absolute Monarchy (no say in gov), and Involvement in WWI
What did Lenin promise the people? Lenin promised the people peace, land, and Bread
Who took power during the November Revolution? The Bolsheviks (Communists) took power during the November Revolution
What was Lenin’s NEP? Lenin’s NEP was the New economic Policy that allowed some aspects of Capitalism
What aspects of Capitalism did Lenin’s policy allow? Lenin’s NEP allowed some private business and land ownership (the people)
Who are the Proletariat? The working class
What does abdicate mean? To step down
What mistake did the provisional government make? Kept Russia in WWI
Created by: drichardson19