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RCCTC Sanitation Unit

The transfer of harmful micro-organisms from one food to another by means of non-food surface cross-contamination
Capable of being transmitted, directly or indirectly, from one human being to another communicable
"First In,first out" a stock-rotation rule for the storage of food FIFO
Free of visible soil clean
Capable of being transmitted by contact contagious
A general term for intoxication or infection caused by consumption of contaminated food food poisoning
Microscopic organisms that exist everywhere in our surroundings and that can, under the right conditions, multiply rapidly and cause food to spoil bacteria
The physical removal of soil from a surface cleaning
Metric temperature scale related to Fahrenheit scale celsius
A temperature scale related to Celsius fahrenheit
The presence or harmful substances or organisms, especially food is contamination
Disease or injury occurring as a result of consumption of contaminated food food borne illness
A process that kills disease causing bacteria in food pasteurization
The temperature range between 40 and 140 F within which most bacteria experience their best growth and reproduction danger zone
Damage to the edible quality of food through improper handling, contamination or natural process of aging spoilage
Practices necessary for establishing and maintaining good health are hygiene
Any food that consists of milk or milk products, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, which is capable of rapid growth of micro-organisms potentially hazardous food
A poison produced buy a living organism toxin
An individual living thing organism
The creation and maintenance of conditions favorable to good health is sanitation
Forms of life that can be seen only with the aid of microscope, including bacteria, viruses, yeast, algae and single-celled organisms micro-organism
Animals obnoxious to humans, especially small, numerous, hard to control animals such as rats, mice, and various insects vermin
When something is free of disease-causing organisms and other harmful substances it is sanitary
When something is free of disease-causing organisms and other harmful substances it is sanitary
The development of food-borne illness by two or more people who have eaten a common food that is shown by a laboratory analysis to be the source of the illness outbreak
Cleaning compound which reduces bacterial count to safe level sanitizing solution
Refrigerator temperature 35 - 40 degrees F
Freezer temperature -10-0 degrees F
FATTOM stands for food, acidity,temperature, time,oxygen,and moisture
Types of thermometers probe, oven ready(meat), candy, digital probe
What groups of people are considered high risk for food borne illness children, elderly, pregnant women, sick and frail
Storage temperature for meat and poultry 38-40 degrees F
What is the minimum internal temperature of a medium roast beef 145 degrees F
What is the minimum internal temperature of poultry 165 degrees F
A piece of metal or glass in food is referred to as physical hazard
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