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America at war

America enters the war

Albert einstein jewish-german scientist that shows USA how to make an atomic bomb
anti semitism discrimination against jews and killing them
atlantic charter the begging of the united nations
bataan death march the walking of american soldiers that were prisoners, inhumanely.
battle of Guadalcanal destroy japanese airfields
battle of normandy retake europe from the west
battle of okinawa the last obstacle before we can attack japan itself
battle of stalingrad the biggest turning point of the war
battle of the bulge the battle of the bulge in france, usa and britain are extremely close to germany
ghettos the jewish towns made by the nazis
harry truman the vice president that takes over after roosevelt dies, instantly
henry ford goes from a card factory to a war plane factory
hiroshima the target of the atomic bomb, serious damage from one atom bomb
holocaust the mass killing of the jews
internment camps the US government was worried about japanese discrimination, so they put them these camps that were concentration like
manhattan project the secret making of the first ever atom bomb
rationing people only got so much of everything
rosie the riveter the idol for women to join the work force
selective service an training act when you're 18, you are forced to sign a paper so if a war breaks out and if people are needed, they randomly choose soliders
shortages mainly in metals and rubber
victory gardens grown so people don't have to spend their cards, plus can eat more
women's role during war build war goods
african americans during WWII also to build war goods
auschitz biggest concentration camp, killing 12k jews daily
ending the war in europe usa and russia squish hitler to berlin, where he eventually kills himself
ending war in pacific bombing japan twice with the world's strongest bomb at the time
financing war usa mainly pays european countries excluding the axis to win the war
nagasaki the second target for the atom bomb, forcing the japs to surrrender
nuremberg law strips jews of their rights
kristallnacht night of broken glass, the first big footstep in to the holocaust
transport to concentration camps theyd pack jews into a cattle cart
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