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Duban Ch 9 Sect 1-2

World history Chapter 9 Sections 1,2 Test practice

the Franks conquered the former Roman province of Gaul
werguild payment to the family of a person injured
Pope bishop of Rome
Battle of Tours stopped the Muslim advance into Western Europe
Monks and nuns served the community by: providing basic social services such as hospitals
Vows made by monks who join a monastery poverty, obedience, chastity
Scriptorium writing rooms of Carolingian monks
Clovis prayed for a victory, won, and then converted to Christianity.
Vikings became civilized by: settling in Normandy and converting to Christianity
Feudalism developed in response to a need for: protection
Characteristics of chivalry: Fairness when fighting, Defense of the Church, Respect for noblewomen
Noblewomen had: an active role in feudal society
Castle protection from enemies moat
Most important gift a lord could give a vassal: land
Dark Ages 500-800
United the Franks and became their first Christian king Clovis
Influenced European politics Eleanor of Aquitaine
Middle Ages 500-1500
Led the Franks at the Battle of Tours Charles Martel
Date Charlemagne was crowned emperor 800
Founded a monastery focused on education Hilda of Whitby
United western Europe under his rule Charlemagne
Date of the Battle of Tours 732
Developed the rules for monastic life St. Benedict
abbot head of a monastery
Troubadors spread romantic tales of noble knights
Hungary place where the Magyars settled
Papal states area around the city of Rome that the Pope ruled
fief the land controlled by a noble
ordeal a physical test to used to prove guilt or innocence
tournaments contests where knights demonstrated their fighting skills
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