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World History MT

World History Mid Term Mrs.Trotter 2017

The collapse of the Roman Empire and the Han Dynasty are similar because both societies faced pressure from what? Outside Invaders
Who became the Roman Empire's first Christian emperor? Constantine
What was a period of peace and prosperity that lasted over 200 years? The Pax Romana
Who was the first dictator of Rome that was assassinated? Julius Ceasar
What is a form of government in which the leader is not a monarch and certain citizens have the right to vote? Republic
The code of Hammurabi and the 12 tables are both examples of what? Written Laws
Who determined that Earth is round and calculated its circumference? Eratosthenes
Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were all what? Philosophers of Ancient Greece
What is a form of government that is ruled by a few? Oligarchy
How were Ancient Egyptian, Hellenistic, and Roman Civilizations were similar because they did what? Extended their control over other people
Which government is where the citizens are the source of power? Democracy
Italy's geography influenced the development of the Roman Empire because the central location of the peninsula contributed to the Roman control over what region? The Mediterranean
What is the ancient civilization that is most closely associated with the 12 tables and an extensive road system,and the spread of Christianity? Roman
On effect of the rugged, mountainous geography on the civilization of ancient Greece was the development of what? Independent City States (polis)
What society was the first to practice direct democracy? Athens
what are some of the characteristics of the most early civilizations before 600 B.C.E? Animal herds and portable houses
What two religions were similar by having written scriptures and an ethical code to live by before 500 C.E? Judaism and Hinduism
Between 200 B.C.E. and 200 C.E., what facilitated trade between the Roman and Han empires? The Silk Road
Included that both were outgrowths of other religions, founders of both presented themselves as divine, and they both developed monastic orders open to women before 600 C.E? The development and spread of Christianity and Buddhism
When happened when large centralized empires such as the Han, Persian, and Roman empires extended their military power by creating open societies inclusive of different religions and cultural practices? It decreased the chance of revolts
Confucianism emphasized spiritual advancement for people who faithfully preformed their social duties is a major difference between what? China and India
Characteristics of what include: writings developed to handle the needs of the society, people could grow more food with less people, new occupations and social classes arose , and science and technology developed? The rise of civilizations
Loyalty to the ruler, loving obedience to ones father, and respect for the old were all apart of what? Confucian Social Order
Population faced high tax burden and economic hardship, army commanders grew disloyal, central government grew weak, and nomadic tribes outside the empire created constant pressure by threatening to invade. These were all factors of what? The Fall of Rome and the Han Dynasty
China's first emperor was a powerful what? Monarch
What was the role in facilitating transEurasian trade reestablished the Silk Roads between East Asia and Europe? The Mongol Empires
Who was an Inspired a holy man seeking enlightenment to become a monk? Siddhartha Gautama
Who is The Enlightened One? Buddha
The four central truths of Buddhism are called what? The 4 Noble Truths
What are the steps that Buddhist believed lead them to enlightenment and Salvation? Eight Fold Path
who was the emperor that became a Buddhist and helped spread Buddhism? Asoka
What is located in the northern part of Africa in Egypt ? The Great Pyramid
After their death, who believed they would go to the after life? Egyptians
What was the Egyptians main form of writing? Hieroglyphics
Michelangelo's statue of David is one type of are work that came out of the what culture? Greek
Humans were able to build permanent settlements is an important effect of what? Neolithic Revolution
The Egyptian government was ruled by a Pharaoh who was considered a god and the Mesopotamian government was a theocracy ruled who were priests. What type of government are they? Monarchy
The fall of Rome had a great impact on the Western Roman Empire because of the fall Islamic where able to what? Invade and control much of western Europe
Created by: Makayleem