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History Midterms

Lascaux caves were the homes to which famous hunters and gathers artwork ? Cave paintings
Who were the nomads People who move from place to place with the seasons
What were the nomads technology achievement? Fire
Describe early humans, hunter-gathers daily lives ? lived in groups, and hunted small animals
Which civilization created the first alphabet Phoenicians
What is the Hammurabi code ? Set of laws that governed life in the Babylonian empire
Which Babylon king created the “hanging gardens” Nebuchadnezzar
What is a ziggurat Brick pyramids
What were eygypts achievements Hieroglyphics, pyramids , science and engineering , and agriculture
What is a monsoon? Seasonal winds that can bring rain to an area
What is a monsoon? Seasonal winds that can bring rain to an area
Which two major rivers were located in Mesopotamia ? The Tigris and the Eupharates
How did the Nike river effect the ancient Egyptians Provided water/ fertile soil
What is surplus Extra supplies
What group of people were Pyramids built for? Pharaohs / rulers
What is a hieroglyph A drawing or symbol Read percents a word or sound
What continent is Egypt on Africa
What meso American tribe was famous for having a 365 day solar calendar that became the basis for modern day calendars Mayans
What is the cast system Hey social system which a person is born into
Who was kautilya Guptas and Ashokas advisory
What empire began with the defeat of magadha by Chandra Gupta The mauryan empire
What is the science that deals with extracting metal from ore and using it to create useful objects Metallurgy
Created by: Gabrielaquizzes