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World Mid Term

Questions and answers related to the mid term

Jewish religious text the Torah
This religious text is often recited by those who practice Islam the Koran
He led the people of South Africa to defeat Apartheid Nelson Mandela
Fascist Italy under Mussolini , Nazi Germany under Hitler and Communist Soviet Union under Stalin may all be considered Totalitarian forms of government
His Hajj, or pilgrimage, to Mecca included more than 30 tons of gold, up to 60,000 fellow muslims and slaves, and paid for the who trip Mansa Musa
In the 1500's a population explosion in Europe is partly to blame for the fall of this social and political system Feudalism
This economic tool is a much improved system of trade over the traditional barter system Money economy
With the great increase in trade and the use of money many of these began to increase in size and wealth as well towns and cities
Arabs and these people came into great conflict after the creation of Israel Jews
This was a guiding force and the most influential part of people's lives during the Middle Ages Christian/Catholic Church
During the late 1800's conflict erupted in this nation between British settlers, Boers (Dutch Settlers) and native African tribes including the Zulu. South Africa
In China these were families of rulers that passed rule from father to son over generations. Dynasties
Byzantium became Constantinople, today it is known as this Istanbul
Constantinople was like the Walmart of world because it was perfectly located for trade between Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe
Ideas and knowledge greatly expanded with this Gutenberg invention Printing press/moveable type
This great document issued in England stated that Kings and monarchies had to follow rules and laws like everyone else Magna Carta
The merit system from this Dynasty established an examination system to select the best qualified people for government positions, this in turn made a more efficient government and more equal society China's Tang Dynasty
The rumor that pork and beef fat were used in cartridges, that had to be opened with teeth to lodge a round in a gun, infuriated the Sepoy soldiers in India, the Sepoy were made up of people from what two faiths Hindu and Islam
Ending their rule of India they decided it would be best to divide the land according to the Hindu and Muslim populations, they have been in conflict ever since British
On leaving Palestine, they helped the UN draw the lines as to where Palestinians and Jews were to live in the newly created Israel. British
True or false, the Jews and Palestinians have never lived in peace False
What class tops off the Feudal Pyramid, the Serfs, vassals, knights or Lords Lords
What is the more popular name for this religious founder -Siddhārtha Gautama Buddha
"Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness" are words authored by Thomas Jefferson with this document Declaration of Independence
His paper, the Communist Manifesto, was a blueprint on how a nation or people can go from Capitalism to Communism. Karl Marx
Jonathan Hobbes didn't think much about individual citizens that they were stupid, greedy and selfish. He thought the best form of government was an absolute Monarchy and explained so with this book Leviathan
Complete control of the newspapers, radio, military and secret police are all aspects of this type of rule Totalitarian
Once upon a time a lucrative trade existed between northern and sub-Saharan Africa, the main products were gold for Salt
Cash, or paper currency, was an invention of this Empire China
Vassals tried their best to create a self-sufficient one of these, including a great house, pastures, orchards, a church, village for peasants, forests with streams, rivers or ponds etc... Manor
The growth of nations that emerged following the Feudal period were led by who Kings or strong Monarchies
The idea that governments should not mess with business practices is called Laissez Faire
Enriching a nation through having colonies in order to gain raw materials and increase markets to sell products were both elements of Mercantilism
Under this economic system the state owns all industry and commands what will be produced Communism
Peasants were considered a bit freer than these people who were considered part of the land and could never leave. Serfs
What did the Peasants and Serfs receive in return for all the work and labor they did Protection
His tremendous generosity actually brought extreme inflation for almost ten years to the towns of Mecca, Medina and Cairo because he flooded the areas with gold Mansa Musa
With Mansa Musa what does the word Mansa mean? It's Mali for Sultan or Supreme Ruler
During this Soviet Leaders reign it is believed between 9-50 million Soviets are killed. Joseph Stalin
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