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Chapter 4 review 97

Chapter 4 review

Name two types of exam gloves Exam and Surgical
Name three types of antiseptics used in phlebotomy Alcohol , iodine, chlorhexidine gluconate
What is the most common anticoagulant in clinical chemistry Heparin
List two types of sharp disposal units Single-use and reusable
What is the purpose of the centrifuge Used to separate fluids of different densities
Name the three regulations for specimen transport Must be in a leak-proof container bagged and biohazard bags requisition form must be on outside pocket of bag
What is the order of draw Blood cultures light blue red tiger top light green dark green lavender Gray yellow
What does EDTA stand for in what color tube can you find it in Ethylendiaminetetracetic acid -lavanderšŸ’„
What is the best way to protect light sensitive specimens Wrap tube in foil
How long should you keep a tourniquet on a patient No longer than 2 minutes
What is the purpose of potassium oxalate and sodium fluoride Remove calcium and preserves glucose
What is the name of the gel barrier in a serum separator tube Thixotropic polymer gel
What additive is in the yellow top tubešŸ’„ Acid citrate dextrose
What is the correct blood to additive ratio in the light blue top tube 9:1
What testing would be performed on a dark royal blue top tube Heavy metal screenings and toxicology testing
What is the difference between hemolysis and hemoconcentrationšŸ’„ Hemolysis-Splitting or rupturing of a RBC Hemoconcentration- Accumulation of large particles and formed elements
What is a hematoma In tissue around the vein that has been punctured AKA a bruise
What department would you send a yellow top tube for paternity testing Histocompatibility
Give three examples of specimens that need to be kept cold after collection šŸ’„ Blood gases, ammonia and lactic acid
What is one of the safest and most efficient method of specimen transport Pneumatic tube system
List 3 types of test ran on a gold/Tiger Top.šŸ’„ Thyroid panel ,CMP, BMP ,Electrolytes Panel
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