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Chocolate Montezuma loved cold cocoa, cocoa beans, and the Aztecs loves vilana
Inca Bridges Incas used bridges to get across the water, the bridges were made out of only a lot and a lot of wheat
Tenochtitlan A place where the Aztecs lived
Machu Picchu A vacation for Aztecs and their emperors
Human Sacrifices a ceremony would begin when a there was a human sacrifice, the priests would fist rip out the persons heart then go to other parts
Quipu A device to record information, it had usually six strings with different colors
Beauty for Incas The Incas would put beads on babies foreheads so they would be cross eyed and the Incas would flatten babies heads when they were born.
Llamas Llamas are animals that people ride on to carry food and supplies, the llamas can carry up to 200 pounds
Sapa Inca The Incas believed that the Sapa Inca was the son of the g-d of sun
Montezuma II Montezuma II is the emperor of the Aztecs, no one came look at him in the eyes
Inca Messengers Would get notes from the emperor, then run a mile to the next person to tell the next to tell the last to tell the other emperor
Cactus Aztecs thought that they heard a g-d tell them to find a bird on a cactus then build they city
City-State A City-State is an independent political city that is (basically) a state and it may have it's own government
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