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Popul Vuh like torah for Maya
Chocolate The Mayan ate it, used it for money, and their ruler ate 50 cups a day
Inca Bridges held up by long ropes, and one of them that the Incas built lasted for more than 500 years
Chichen Itza very famous temple that the Mayans built without any tools just their bare hands The Sun shined directly on it on a very important day in an important place
Tenochtitlan s a very beautiful city built on water by the Aztecs It is also called floating paradise
Machu Picchu very hard mountain to visit because it is 7,000 feet above sea level and it is in between two peaks of the Andes
Sacred Round a calendar that lasted 260 days and it was for important holidays
Quipu pieces of string that the Incas used to communicate because they had no written language
Montezuma ll leader for the Aztecs and he was so powerful that no one could look him in the eye or they would get killed
City-States an independent state with its own government
Aztec Daily Life(Punishment) a parent would take a handful of hot chili peppers and put them in the kids eyes and they started crying
Llamas used as packing animals and may other things they can hold up to 125 pounds
Cactus The Aztec s used this for many things like soup and gum
Inca Mesengers ran for a very long time and had a great memory they could carry on a message for about a week
Spanish Explorers very sneaky they tried to steel all of the Aztec's gold and made a deadly bargain with Atahualpa
Sapa Inca ruler of the Incas and gave orders to 12 million people
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