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Machu Picchu INCA.A city built on the Andes Mountains that was a vacation spot for Inca emperors. It is now a famous tourist site.
Sacred Round MAYA.A calendar that has 260 days, the Mayans used to keep track of holidays and religious events.
Popol Vuh MAYA.This was a religious book that the Mayans used; similar to our Torah.
Montezuma II AZTEC.He was an Aztec emperor that was carried around on a litter. No one was allowed to look at him or the would be killed. Also, during his reign many bad omens (signs) appeared and frightened the priests.
Sapa Inca INCA.He was the Inca emperor that controlled more than 2000 miles of land. None were allowed to look at him or they would be killed because they believed he was the son of the god of Sun: Inti.
Spanish Explorers INCA/AZTEC.The groups of people who ended both the Aztec and the Inca Empire. Their leader's names were Hernan Cortes and Francisco Pizzaro. (They were both different groups.)
Inca Messengers INCA.This specially trained group of people who had to run almost 1 km a day to carry a message (And sometimes food) and memorize it word for word or DIE.
City-States MAYA."A city that is an independent political state with its own ruling government."
Inca Bridges INCA.These massive structures were made by the Incas and were used to cross over large trenches or canyons. One very special structurewas built over the Apurimac river in Peru and had a book written about it .
Chocolate AZTEC.This bean was turned and to a drink that was flavored with vanilla , spices then drunk cold. This was very popular with the Aztecs in fact, the emperor had 50 jars a day of this drink/snack.
Aztec Daily Life (Punishment) AZTEC.If a child was misbehaving they would have smoking chile peppers in their eyes.
Llamas INCA.These animals were very useful to the Incas because they could carry heavy loads on their backs and also provided a source of food called "charqui".
Quipu INCA.This object was a string that other strings attached to it. Government officials would tie knots on the strings to represent the number of warriors approaching a village or how much corn was in a warehouse.
Human Sacrifice MAYA/AZTEC.This was a ritual that was done by the Mayas and the Aztecs. They did this to please their gods so their society would flourish and so their gods would gain power.
Chichen Itza MAYA.This special temple was designed so that on the Spring and Fall equinox it would show a snake slithering down the steps. It is also a tourist attraction because its court held pok-ta-pok games there.
Created by: MBallarin