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Inca Bridge They used enormous strands of rope to build it and It stayed for 500 years till 1350-1890
Chichen Itza A town where Mayans play Pok-ta Pok
Tenochtitlan A city in the middle of the lake for the Aztecs
Machu Picchu A very tall mountain in Cuzco
Sacred Round It is 260 days with holidays and special events
Popol Vuh Like a Torah for the Mayans
Quipu It helped Incas count, it was a string with strings on it
Montezuma II He was the Emperor of the Aztecs
City-States It's a city that is an independent political state with its own ruling government
Chocolate Aztecs loved drinking the cocoa with vanilla spices
Beauty for Incas There own pee
Inca Messengers Gives a message or important news to emperors
Aztec Punishment Hot Chilly Pepper in the eyes or get killed
Sapa Incas People who owned lots of land and gave order to 12m people
Human Sacrifice Mayans sacrifice to please gods
Created by: kben-shalom