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Popol Vuh Mayan religious book, like torah
Inca Bridges One of the greatest Inca Engineering achievements, lasts for more then 400 years
Chichen Itza Mayan area, used to play Pok-da-Pok
Tenochtitlan Aztec capital, had a population of more than 100,000 people, built on swamp
Machu Picchu Located on Andes mountains, built in 15th century, Inca
Sacred Round Mayan calendar, used to keep track of holidays, birthdays, and religious ceremonies
Montezuma II Aztec emperor, ruled when lots of strange things happened, last Aztec emporor
City-States Small independent country, Aztec conquered lots of city-states
Aztec Daily Life ( punishments ) Chili pepper smoke blown into eye
Llamas Used for carrying loads, people eat it when it died, Inca
Human Sacrifice Aztec did that, offered it to gods, stopped until temple was covered with blood
Cactus Used for sewing kit due to needles, holds water, Aztec
Spanish explorers From Spain, came for riches
Beauty for Incas ( Mayans ) Crossed eyes, flat head Maya, shampee
Noble, Priests, Peasant Mayan, priests = everyone asked them for advice, important, Nobles= trained to be priest or scribe, buys slaves, Peasant= works at market
Punishment in these societies Sacrifices, burnt alive, slow painful death, all tribes
Chasquis Messengers, travel across empire carrying messages, also delivered seafood, Inca
Chocolate Aztec, used as currency, Aztec drank roasted coco beans
Quipu Device for counting and record keeping, piece of string, dangled from shorter strings
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