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Chocolate The Mayans used cacao from trees to make chocolate.
Quipu Inca Used quipu to keep the record of something like they will tie knots to the number of things there is.
Llama Inca Used llama mostly for transporting things over 125 pounds and also for wool and food.
Inca bridges Inca made big bridges to pass from valley to valley.
Montezuma ll Montezuma was the 9th ruler in Tenochtitlan.
Human sacrifice Aztecs made lots of human sacrifices for the gods so that the gods could be happy.
Popol Vuh Popul Vuh was a thing like torah but from the Aztecs
Nobles, Priests, Peasant Nobles: people who work for the priests, Peasants: people who farm and plant things, Priests: people who were human sacrifices. from witch prisoner of war were used.
Inca messengers Inca sent messengers to long distances so that the priests or emper could know about important things.
Tenochtitlan Tenochtitlan was a place were the Aztecs lived did lots of things such as farming and building.
Sapa Inca Was the ruler of Cuzco and later became the emperor of the Incas.
Machu Picchu Was a vacation place for the Incas. but now is an attraction park in Peru.
Spanish explorers The Spanish explorers came to the Aztecs empire and Inca empire for lots of golds.
Beauty for Incas The Inca used pee as shampoo for there hair and also used gold as necklaces or bracelets.
Aztecs daily life (punishments) Aztecs did punishments to little kids if they were not behaving or being mean like Putting very hot chili pepper in the eyes of a kid.
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