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Tenochtitlan Capital city that was built around 1325 by Aztecs.
llamas Inca used to carry up to 200 pounds for a long time.
Sacred Round A Mayan calendar that only has 260 days
Popol Vuh Book used by Mayans as a torah (holy book).
Machu Picchu A Inca city a terrace carved into the side of a mountain
Messengers Inca messengers back then were used to carry food and messeges, 150 miles a day
Sapa Inca Was thought to be the son of the sun god. Controlled the Inca empire
Spanish Explorers These people came and took gold and other valuables from the tribes. Conquered their civilizations
quipu a large string with smaller string connected to it,that was many used by the incas
human sacrifice sacrifice was big in aztec time ,they believed it pleased the gods
chichen itza this mayan city was huge,with temples where they played pok-ta-pok
inca bridges these bridges were made over valleys and were made to carry a loud of weight,it was made by the incas
cactus in aztec time they used cactuses for everything,also the mayans would build there civilization were a bird perched on a cactus
chocolate the aztecs loved the coco bean,and they made a drink out of it
aztec daily life the aztecs would breath red hot chilli peppers in there students eyes
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