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Chocolate Montezuma loved cold cocoa, it has coca beans, vanilla, and other spices. He had 50 jars made for him every day. They also sold it. (maya)
Chichen Itza where maya played Pok-ta-pok
Machu Picchu a vacation spot for tourists (inca)
Popol Vuh something the maya used for religion ( like torah )
Quipu a piece of string attached with other strings in various colors. Government officials used it to record different things (inca)
Montezuma II No one looks into his eyes. Noble bow down to the emperor once they see him. got carried on a litter (something that royalty sat in, it has a chair connected with sticks that people carry on their shoulders) (aztec)
Aztec Punishments aztec parents blew hot chile vapors into children's eyes
sacred round a maya calendar used for religion
cactus used for many different things like food, fixing houses, and furniture. (everyone)
sapa inca the son of inti , a powerful king (inca)
spanish explorers set sail from cuba to search for riches. also bearded strangers and led 150 men to aztec empire (everyone)
nobles, priests, and peasants people who sacrifice(believed heart was the most important thing to sacrifice) and are teachers, bow down to the emperor, and workers( person with not a lot of money). (everyone)
city-states A city that is an independent political state with its own ruling government (maya)
punishments in these societies For punishments the Maya would sacrifice you if you lost pok-ta-pok because you were considered "bad". Aztec would blow hot red chile vapors into children's eyes if they were bad. And Inca if you did not bow down to sapa inca you died
tenochtitlan a city built on an island in the middle of the lake with a population more than 100,000 people with castaways connected to the mainland, canals connected to parts of the city, and they traveled around it in canoes. Aztecs built this
beuty for maya the babies would wear a bead so they became crossed and head was put against board to get a flat head
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