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chapter 1,2,3,4,19

infra beneath
inter between
intra into, within
macro large
mal- bad
meta- change, beyond
micro- small
neo- new
pan- all
para- abnormal
per- through
peri- surrounding
poly- many, much
post- after, behind
pre= before, in front of
pro- before, forward
pseudo- false
re- back, again
retro- behind, backward
sub- under
supra- above, upper
syn, sym- together, withsym- B, M, P
tachy- rapid/fast
trans- accross, through
ultra- beyond, excess
uni- one
alveol/o- small sac
cac/o bad
carcin/o- cancer, cancerous
cauter/o burn/ heat
chem/o chemical, drug
cry/o cold
cyst/o- sac of fluid
fibr/o- fibers
follicul/o small glandular sacs
fung/i fungus, mushroom
medull/o soft, inner part
mucos/o mucous membrane
mut/a genetic change
mutagen/o causing genetic change
necr/o dead
onc/o- tumor
papill/o- nipple-like
pharmac/o- chemical, drug
plas/o formation
polyp/o- polyp
radi/o rays, x-rays
sarc/o- flesh
scirrh/o- hard
xer/o- dry
-blastoma immature tumor
-genesis formation
-oma mass, tumor
-plasia formation, growth
-plasm formation, growth
-suppression to stop
-therapy treatment
ana- backward
apo- off, away
brachy- short(distance)
epi- upon
meta- beyond, change
prot/o- first
tele- far
-cele hernia
-centesis puncture to remove fluid
-coccus coccyx
-cyte cell
-dynia pain
-ectomy excision, removal, resection
-emia blood condition
-genesis condition of producing, forming
-gram record
-graph instrument for recording
-graphy process of recording
-logy the process of studying
-lysis breakdown, destruction, separation
-malacia softening
-megaly enlargement
-oma tumor, mass collection of fluid
-opsy to view
-osis abnormal condition
-pathy disease condition
-penia deficient
Created by: kc1489