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Middle Ages

Study guide rise of the middle ages.

Middle Ages The time period in Europe from the fall of the Western Roman Empire in 476 CE until the beginning to the Renaissance about 1300 CE.
feudalism A political system of local government based on the granting of land in return for loyalty, military assistance and other services.
fief The land granted to a vassal a lord.
manorialism Economic system during the Middle-Ages that revolved around self-sufficient farming estates where lords and peasants shared the land.
serf Peasants who were bound to the land where they worked for the lord.
lord The person who gave land (Fief)in exchange for a service.
vassal The person who received land(Fief) from a lord.
chivalry Honor code of the knights
excommunication Ban or exclude from the church; throw out of.
investiture A ceremony in which a person is given an official job. (Selection of individual for a high position)
Gual Present day France, Franks came to control all of Gaul.
Domesday Book The records of each shire's(county's) people, assess landholdings, and measure of type and value of property.
Anglo-Saxons The people who had occupied England before William the conquer, captured England.
parish priest Held the lowest rank in the church hierarchy, directly served the people in parish.
Sacraments Ceremonies at which participants received god's direct favor, or race, to help ward off the consequences of sin.
monasticism Refers to the way of life in convents and monasteries.
cardinals Catholic officials ranking below the pope.
heretics People who denied the truth of the church;s principles or who preached beliefs not approved by the church.
heresy An opinion that conflicts with official church beliefs.
tithe One-tenth of a christian person's income.
monastery The place where monks lived.
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