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study stack history

chocolate inca emporer can drink 50 cups of this bitter sweet chocolate drink
inca bridges incans built smooth and sturdy payved strong rodes that lamas and travelers used the army and soldiers used this to get around faster
popol vuh same as torah for incans used to pray and say prayers to their many gods
quipu peace of string with many other strings dangaling from it with knots and beads to tell story and important messages
Montezuma ll in 1500s the aztec emporer was montezuma ll no one allowed to look him in the eye they thought he was son of the sun god and didnt walk on the floor but on a red carpet so he wouldnt dirty his golden slippers
human sacrafice incans and aztecs performed human sacrafice but aztecs did it more they did it to speak to the gods, show the gods their appreciation, and thought this would make the gods happy.
1. Nobles, priests, and peasants nobels where from inca, aztecs, and mayans they where the people that where royal,important, or from the goverment
2. nobles, priests, and peasants priest where from incans and aztecs they held romantic and religous ceramonys like weddings, when a woman or man has come of age to get married, or performing human sacrafices they where also school teacher for children
3. Nobles, priests, and peasants peasants from inca, mayans, and aztecs they where the same thing as comoners they are basically normal people that aren't special or royal the opposite of nobles
city states aztecs had citie states they where many cities put together to make a state or one big citie that has and is ruled by its own govermant or parlement.
Created by: sjunger