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study stack history

Inca Bridges The Inca bridges are held together by enormous strands of rope.Rope strands need to be replaced every two years.his Inca bridges have lasted over 500 years.First used by Incas then the spanish then after by the people of Peru.
Tenotitlan Tenochtitlan was built on a Island over a lake.There is three causeways leading to the mainland.Since there was so much water the Aztecs had to travel in canoes.
Machu Picchu Machu Picchu 50 miles Northwest of the city Cuzco.By estimation Machu Picchu was build in the 1400.Machu picchu is 7000 miles above sea level
City-staes A city that's is an independent political state with its own ruling government.The Mayans controlled city-states over the yucatan peninsula.They controlled city-states as Mexico,Guatemala,Honduras and Belize.
Lalmas A south American mammal valued for its endurance and for its wooly coat and meat.A Lalma is about four feet high and weighing about 250n pounds.
Montezuma I I {Sometimes written Moctezuma}In the early 1500 Montezuma II was the Aztec emperor.Not allowed to look into his eyes including his nobles!When walking nobles threw mates so Montezuma II would not get his golden sandela dirty including walking.
litter {Litter} a chair attached to two beams and carried on the shoulders of several men.Example:When he left the palace ,he was carried in a fancy litter.
Sapa Inca Sapa Inca;would people to sleep and if not woken up in time from their dream itv would be killed by a soldier.Sapa Inca was like Montezuma II because,they both were carried in a litter wared golden sandals and ruled both in the year1500.
Chocolate Mayans would crush coco beans mix it with chili,peppers and water.{Chocolate}comes from the mayan word ¨xocolatl¨which means in the Aztec language food of the gods.
Quipu Incas used Quipus for counting and for bookkeeping.The word Quipu com es from a language called quechua written as {khipu}Quipus are made out of wool or cotton b y the lapca animal.
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