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Aztec, Inca, Maya

study stack history

Popol Vuh Mayans sacred book like Torah. Tells Gods clouded human understandings and a human's view of the world is unclear.
City- States A city that is an independent political state with its own ruling government. Used rule by the Mayans.
Quipu Incas used a device for counting and record-keeping. It is a piece of string from which dangled strings of various colors
Cactus Sun God told Aztecs to search for a eagle on a cactus. The God told them they would build there city there.
Llamas Incas used Llamas for transportation, food, and wool. They spit pellets that hurt you and hiss at you if you mistreat them.
Montezuma II Aztec Emperor when wanted to travel carried in chair called liter not to get his shoes dirty. No one was allowed to look at him in the eye or else killed.
Machu Picchu Located between two peaks in between Andes mountains in peru. Tourist attraction today. It is a mountain. In center there are ruins of plaza, temple, and some Incan skeletons.
Human Sacrifices Held by Inca, Aztec, and Mayans on temple and held to give hearts to Gods and for religious purposes. Incas didn't give as much sacrifices as Aztecs. Sacrificed prisoners of war.
Chocolate Aztecs sold chocolate and traded it. They made it out of cocoa bean. Aztec emperor drank 50 jars a day.
Chichen Itza Temple made by Mayans. Shaped like pyramid. Sun shines on statue of serpent. When sun rises on steps Serpent creates image of Serpent slithering down steps.
Sapa Inca Incan ruler. People believed he was the son of Sun God Inti. No one permitted to look at him in eye or else sacrificed.
Inca Bridge Incas designed well built bridges without using machinery or cement.
Inca Messengers Inca Messengers delivered a message from one place to another. They had to memorize it and say the exact words.
Punishments When Aztec children misbehaved they put hot chili in there eyes to burn them. Also if someone disobeyed their emperor or looked at them in the eye they would be put to death.
Sacred Round Mayan calendar kept track of holidays and was 260 days long.
Spanish Explorers Cortes and Pizarro were Spanish explorers and ended the empires of the Aztecs and Incas.
Punishment in societies They would be sacrificed or be made into instruments.
Nobles, Priests, Peasants Priests held sacrifices on weekends and were teachers, Nobles sat in liters and lived in palaces, Peasants lived in mud huts and worked for emperor.
Tenochitlan Aztec capital. Was surrounded by water and was beautiful. Aztecs traveled in canoes around island and 3 causeways were connected to it.
Beauty for Inca and Maya The Incas washed their hair with pee for their hair to look beautiful. Mayans put string with bead above baby's head to be crossed eyed because they thought it was a sign of beauty. They also put a board on the baby's head to be flat they thought that mad
Created by: Mbassan