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study stack history

Popol Vuh Maya religious text like Torah, it says that the gods purposly clouded humans understanding
Inca bridges made from grass and it was made with no machinary
Chichen itza Maya's temple light shined on the temple
Tenochtitlan Aztec city made in the middle of lake texcoco it means the place of the prickly pear
Machu Picchu vacation spot for incan emperors in was between to peaks of the Adeas
sacred round Maya, calender was 260 days long kept track of holidays
Chocolate maya, made from cocoa beans mayas loved them
Quipu Inca, made from string and beads made to keep track of soldiers and other things
Montezuma ll aztec emperor no one looked him in the eye he was carried around in a litter, a chair attached to 2 beams and carried by men
city-states maya, a city that is independant, they controlled a lot of city states
llamas incas used llamas for food, clothes, and transportation
human sacrifices aztecs did this to please the gods they thought this would make gods stronger
cactus the sun god told the aztecs wherever you fing a bird perched on a cactus is where you will build your city
inca messangers inca messengers had to remember the messages, they met other messengers at rest stops
spanish explorers the spanish ended the inca and Aztec empires, the two explorers were Cortes and Pizzarro
Sapa inca the inca ruler, son of sun god inti
punishments Aztec put hot chilli peppers in eyes
punishments in societies sacrificed and bones were used for instruments
nobles, priests,peasants priests were teachers and held the sacrifices, nobles lived in litters, peasants lived in mud huts and worked
beauty for mayas they put a string with a bead in the middle on a baby's forehead and the eyes became crossed they thought this was beautiful
Inca life people grew crops half of them was for themselves the other half was for the empire. They built bridges with no machinery. They were ruled by the Sapa Inca.
Mayan life the Mayas loved chocolate. They created the calander. They played a game called Pok ta Pok the losers would be sacrificed
Aztec life The aztecs mostly sacrificed. they had a city named Tenochtitlan. The sun god told them to find a bird perched on a cactus and that is where you will build your city
life then to my life i have a phone, machinery, and a house made with wood, cement, and ext. They had no phones or machinery or houses with protecting materials. They almost nothing compared to what we have today.
What empire would I live in I would live in the incan empire because the ruler is very thoughtful because he stores food for the sick and old. Also the empire is very civilized. The Incas also did not sacrifice as much so I would be alive longer than others.
Spanish ending empires Aztecs treated them like gods and was very kind to them and fell for a trap which was they would be nice then take all they had Incas wanted to be friends and had meeting with the spanish and they took the Sapa Inca and tricked by taking all his money
Pizzaro ended the Inca empire
Cortes ended the Aztec empire
beauty for incas sham-pee was like shampoo but was made with pee it got rid of oily hair and dry scalp
Created by: sgoldenberg