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Aztec Inca Maya

study stack history

Chocolate MAYA or AZTEC a) emperor could drink up to 50 cups of chocolate b) liquid bitter chocolate
Inca bridges INCA a) built very good bridges b) suspension bridges
Chichen Itza MAYA a) city where the maya lived b) had a big pyramid called the El Castillo b) twice a year shadow appears that looks like a serpent
Tenochtitlan AZTEC a) sun god said search for eagle perched on cactus b) aka the place of the prickly pear or the place of the cactus
Machu Picchu INCA a) mountain fortress b) 7000 ft above sea level c) vacation spot 4 inca emperors
Sacred Round MAYA a) calendar b) 260 days long c) kept track of important holidays and events
Popul Vuh MAYA a) torah for Maya b) religious book
Quipu INCA a) used for counting and keeping records b) piece of string that had knots and dangled shorter colored strings c) government tied 2 record how many warriors headed to a village
Montezuma II AZTEC a) aztec emperor in early 1500 b) no 1 could look in eye c)brought bad luck d) carried on litter
City-States MAYA a) a city that is an independent political state with its own ruling government
Aztec Punishment AZTEC a) put kids above peppers so that their eyes would sting and they would cry
Llamas INCA a)used for transportation, food, and furniture
Human Sacrifice AZTEC/ inca a) aztecs sacrificed wayyyy more than inca b) would put on top of a stairway then kill them so their blood dripped down
cactus INCA a) used cactuses to eat, fix roofs
Inca messengers INCA a) messengers memorized messages b) can travel 150 mi in a day c) took message then carried to another messenger
Spanish Explorers AZTEC a) messenger saw mounting floating on water actually spanish ship b)magic sticks- canons c) big dogs- horses d) HERNAN CORTES e) killed hundreds of priests
Spanish Explorers INCA a) got in so easily because incas were so nice b) died because of disease c) while Atahualpa (incan emperor) tried to meet with Francisco Pizarro to make peace Pizarro set an attack and killed him
Sapa Inca INCA a) known as the living sun god b) son of inti c) no one was allowed to look at him d)gave orders
Inca Beauty INCA a) used PEE to wash their hair
Maya Beauty MAYA a) thought people who had crossed eyes and flat heads= beautiful b) when people were babies would put a string with a bead on it and but it on the bridge of their nose to make them cross eyed c) put babies on a board to make their heads flat
Codex AZTEC a) long strip of tree bark that folds like an accordian b) used to keep records c) lists of rulers, payments, conquered people, and holidays
Aztec daily life AZTEC a) men wore loincloths and a cloak b) women wore skirts, blouses, ponchos c) had 1 roomed houses with mud walls and thatched roofs d) girls weave with their mothers e) bride and groom's clothing were tied together
Market AZTEC a) sold people, cocoa beans, food clothes, e.t.c.
Maya daily life MAYA a) lived in mud huts b)boys farm-girls cook
Maya invented 0 made # symbols
Created by: slemmer