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study stack history

chocolate ( maya ) it was a cold drink with spices. The emperor could drink up to 50 cups a day they even used this for currency
Inca bridge built amazing bridges that can last for hundreds of years. And they were SUPER strong
Chichen Itza ( maya ) it was a huge temple on the yucatan peninsula On the most important day of the year, the light will hit the temple and a shadow that looks like a serpent will appear to slither down the steps
Tenochtitlan (aztec ) was the aztec capital. It was so beautiful and it was built on a lake with no heavy machinery. when the spanish came the were definitely not expecting something as beautiful a this. i bet they were jealous!
Sacred Round ( maya ) kept track of the days of the year and important holidays
Popol Vuh ( maya ) it was to the maya, like the torah to us
city-states A city within a country or empire that can rule with it's own government
Human sacrifice ( all ) was done to please the gods
cactus ( aztec ) ancestors found a cactus with an eagle perched on it with a snake in it's beak. The Eagle is on mexico's flag today
Aztec punishment if a child was naughty or not listening, the mom would put chili powder in his/her eyes
Created by: lsragovicz