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6th SS - Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Ancient Greece

peninsula an area of land nearly surrounded by water
Crete biggest of the Greek islands
harbor sheltered place along a coast
colony area under the control of another, usually distant, country
polis Greek city-state
acropolis walled hill where people of the city could seek safety during an enemy attack
agora open place for town meetings
commodity traded product
citizen person who has rights and responsibilities in his/her country or community
monarchy type of government with one ruler
oligarchy type of government where a small group of people, usually the most rich and powerful citizens control decision-making
Sparta city-state with the strongest military power in Greece who focused on being strong soldiers
Athens city-state in Greece that was focused on the arts, theater, and government
democracy government where every citizen is allowed to vote on issues
Mount Olympus place where Greek gods and goddesses lived
Homer ancient Greek poet who wrote the Illiad and Odyssey
epic long poem that tells the story of a legendary hero or heroine
Parthenon temple dedicated to the goddess Athena, located at the heart of the acropolis
assembly lawmaking body of a government
jury group of citizens who hear evidence and make decisions in a court of law
philosphy the search for wisdom and the right way to live
Socrates famous ancient Greek philosopher who questioned laws. He was brought to trial and eventually sentenced to death
Plato famous ancient Greek philosopher and teacher; student of Socrates
Peloponnesian War war between Athens and Sparta and their allies
Macedonia powerful kingdom to the north of Greece that invaded after the Peloponnesian War
King Philip II Macedonian king who said he would do anything to conquer Greece and did
phlanaxes Macedonian battle formation with shields and long spears
orator person who is a skilled public speaker
Alexander the Great 18 year old Macedonian ruler who controlled a large kingdom; never lost a battle; brilliant military leader; son of Philip II
Aristotle famous ancient Greek philosopher; tutored Alexander the Great
Alexandria city on the edge of the Nile Delta in Egypt named after Alexander the Great
Hellenism a culture that was a blend of Greek ideas and the traditions of Africa and Asia in ancient times
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