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Bilateral present on two sides
Concave rounded inward
Cavity an opening or an empty area
Constrict to draw together or become smaller
Defecate expel feces
Discrete distinct, separate
Exacerbate to make worse or more severe
Exogenous produced outside the body
Flaccid limp, lacking tone
Hematologic of or relating to the blood
Neurologic of or relating to the nervous system
Neurovascular of or relating to the nervous system and blood vessels
Manifestation an indication or sign of a condition
Labile changing rapidly and often
Insidious so gradual as to not become apparent for a long time
Invasive inserting or entering into a body part
latent present but not active or visible
Ominous significantly important and dangerous
Overt obvious, easily observed
Paroxysmal beginning suddenly or abruptly; convulsive
Patent open
Pathogenic causing or able to cause disease
Potent producing a strong effect
Precipitous rapid,uncontrolled
Rationale the underlying reason
Renal of or relating to the kidneys
supplement to take in addition to or to complete
Syndrome group of symptoms that, when occurring together, reflect a specific disease or disorder
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