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Stack #26840

Mod F Unit 2 Words Thompson Institute hbg

acr/o extremities
aden/o gland
-dipsia thirst
glyc/o glucose,sugar
hyper- over, beyond
hypo- below, under
-ism state of, condition
-ectomy surgical removal
-pathy disease
poly- many
thyr/o thyroid
thyroid/o thyroid
toxic/o poison
-osis disease
-oma tumor
endo- within
crino- secrete
-ology study of
-ologist one who specializes
-physis to grow
-emia blood
-megaly enlargement
-uria urine
acromegaly enlargement of extremities
adenopathy disease of a gland
glycosuria sugar in urine
hyperthyroidism overactivity of thyroid gland
hypoglycemia low blood sugar level
hypophysectomy surgical removal of pituitary gland
thyrotoxicosis acute hyperactivity of the thyroid gland AKA thyroid storm
endocrinologist specialist in treating diseases & disorders of the endocrine system
adenoma glandular tumor
polydipsia excessive thirst
aldosterone hormone secreted by adrenal gland that regulates sodium & potassium
cretinism congenital condition caused by lack of thyroid secretion
dwarfism abnormal underdevelopment of body
epinephrine hormone produced by adrenal gland that responses to stress by increasing the heart rate
euthyroid normal functioning thyroid gland
exocrine gland secretes its product into a duct
gigantism excessive size and height
glucose simple form of sugar in body
goiter enlargement of thyroid gland due to excessive growth
metabolism the overall chemical functioning of the body
norepinephrine hormone produced by adrenal gland that raises the blood pressure in response to stress
oxytocin hormone secreted that stimulates uterine contractions & release of milk
syndrome a group of symptoms occurring together
virilism development of masculine physical traits in a female
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