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Semester 1 Final

Government does not grant rights, it _______________________ them protects
Rousseau was in favor of what type of government? a popularly elected government
What were some ideas of John Locke? Natural rights: life, liberty, property
What were some thoughts/beliefs of Adam Smith? laissez faire
Which group made up the "Second Estate" under France's ancien regime? the nobility
The relationship between serf and lord could be compared to the relationship between vassal and lord because........ both relationships involved agreed on duties and responsibilities of each person
A positive outcome of the Crusades was that it.... moved Europe from bartering toward a money-based economy
The education of an average child during the Middle Ages centered on basic religious knowledge. What does this imply about the values of medieval society? religion was at the core of medieval society
What was the impact on Europe of the Black Death? one-third of the population of Europe died, production declined, and the cost of labor soared
Describe a serf's life a serf was bound to the land upon which he or she worked
What are some features of Renaissance Art? realistic depictions of human forms
Leonardo da Vince is often referred to as a true "Renaissance Man". Why has he come to symbolize the spirit of the era? His interests and body of work spanned many subjects, media, and disciplines, reflecting the quest for knowledge and the spirit of creative adventure that embodied the Renaissance era
What economic and cultural changes did printing presses bring to the European cities that had them? the cities attracted more migrants, became more culturally dynamic, and grew economically
How did the Catholic church respond to the Protestant Reformation? it enacted its own reforms, attempting to end corruption with a renewed emphasis on morality and discipline
Which scientist was responsible for the heliocentric model of the universe? Nicolaus Copernicus
What was the eventual result of the scientific contributions of Rene Descartes and Francis Bacon? a new, step-by-step scientific method resulted, based on inquiry, experimentation, and observation
What event revolutionized the way people accessed and consumed ideas and information during the Renaissance? Gutenberg invented a printing press with movable type
What is a theocracy? a government run by religion leaders
The Scientific Method was based on the idea that...... the truth could only come through investigation
Which thinker is credited with establishing the basic principles of physics, including natural laws that govern gravity and motion? Isaac Newton
Everyday language of the ordinary people is ________________ vernacular
An ____________________ was a type of pardon that lessened the time of punishment a soul faced for sins committed during a person's lifetime indulgence
Describe Portuguese exploration? the Portuguese found a trade route through the Indian Ocean to Asia
Describe European conquests in the Americas? Columbus's mean assaulted Taino men and women and claimed their land for Spain
______________________ is a policy by which a nation sought to export more than it imported in order to build its supply of gold and silver. Mercantilism
A wave of Spanish __________________, or conquerors, soon arrived in the Americas and repeated Columbus's encounter conquistadors
Europeans turned to slave labor to clear ______________, or large estates run by an owner plantations
What were some similarities between Plato and Socrates? they both encouraged people to discover ethical values through reason
The Roman senate extended democracy to lower classes with its admission of tribunes
The most immediate influence of Roman culture on our daily lives can be found in our.............. legal system
The early Christian Church developed into a hierarchy, an organization (define hierarchy) that arranges officials according to rank
Government by the people is democracy
A government in which a hereditary ruler, such as a king or queen, exercises central power is monarchy
In this form of government, power is in the hands or small, wealthy elite oligarchy
A system of government in which citizens take part directly in day-to-day affairs of the government is direct democracy
Rule by a landholding elite is aristocracy
In feudal Europe, a person who controlled the land and could therefore grant estates to vassals lord
Having to do with worldly rather than religious matters secular
A political system in which nobles are granted the use of lands that belong to their king, in exchange for their loyalty, military service, & protection of the people who live on the land feudalism
The rituals of the Christian Church sacraments
In 1215, this limited royal power and gave certain rights to English freemen Magna Carta
A body of officials who perform religious services---such as priests, ministers, and rabbis clergy
The requirement that the government act fairly and established laws to make sure it did so due process
Rule that a person can't be held in prison without being charged with a crime habeas corpus
A ruler who has complete authority autocrat
This form of government is characterized by complete control over the government and the lives of the people absolute monarchy
This is the idea that authority to rule comes directly from God divine right
An agreement to give up your freedoms to enter an organized society because life is brutish social contract
These include life, liberty, and property as things we are entitled to natural rights
This is trade with very little government interference, supply and demand are met through the market laissez faire
Military hero for France who achieves many victories on the battlefield Napoleon
In this, executive power is shared between the national government and the states federal republic
Social classes in "old regime" France Estates First Estate Second Estate Third Estate
The right to vote suffrage
Robespierre claimed that this was necessary to protect the ideals of the French Revolution Reign of Terror
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