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benchmark studyguide

quarter 2 benchmark studyguide

Where did the Sumerian civilization begin? Tigris and Euphrates river
What was Hammurabi's code? influenced laws
What was the Hieroglyphics and who invented it? Egyptian writing system
Describe practice of embalming and what did it result in? keeps the Pharaohs body after death
Who did god give the ten Commandments to? Moses
What did the followers of Judaism believe? sent laws for humanity
Who led the Israelites out of slavery in Egypt and helped them cross the Sinai desert? Moses
The Israelites believed they were descended from whom? Abraham
How was the Israelites religion different from other religions? believed in one god
What was the world's first monotheistic religions? Judaism
Why did the Israelites leave Canaan and go to Egypt? drought
Who was king David and what was he famous for? 2nd king of Isreal
Who was Daniel and what happened to him and why? went in lions den
List the for noble truths? life full of suffering,follow the 8,suffering stop desire,they suffer because if desire
Why did the Buddha tell his followers to follow the Eight fold path? To end suffering
Why did the Aryans develop the Caste system? better dark skinned people
List a way the Arabian Sea might have been used. trade route
Who was in the different classes in the caste system? 1 Brahmans 2Kshatriyas3Vaisyas4Sudras5Phariah
What is the name of the universal spirit that Hindus believe in? Brahman
Who invented the concept of zero? Indian mathemations
Why did the ancient Indians pick the Indus River valley to live? good farmland
How did Buddhism spread to different countries? teachers spread ideas through trade
who believed with Nirivana, eight fold path, 4 noble truths,Buddha ,and Sidharrtha guatama Buddhism
who worship other gods followed caste system and karma and Dharma Hinduism
Created by: Camila0414