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GSE Unit 6 Test Revi

GSE Unit 6 Test Review

All of the following have contributed to an unprecedented surge in unaccompanied Central American minors entering the U.S. since 2011 except: spread of disease
Latinos at present make up the _________minority group in the United States largest
Many Latinos have emigrated to the United States in search of safer living conditions and more stable work environments
The lack of success of U.S.-backed efforts to inhibit regional drug trafficking is due in large part to: government corruption and government collusion with the various drug cartels of the region
U.S.-backed efforts to inhibit regional drug trafficking, such as the Central American Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) and Plan Colombia, have been ____________. marginally successful
______________ production is most pronounced in the Andean region of South America (i.e., Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia), with Central America and Mexico serving as the corridor through which the trade is funneled into the United States. Cocaine
Over __________ % of 15-year-olds in Latin America are functionally illiterate. 25%
Rampant poverty, a major concern throughout Latin America, is caused by which of the following a lack of high-quality, high-skill employment opportunities and insufficient investment in and access to education
Rampant poverty is a major concern throughout Latin America. Even in the case of Brazil – one of the region’s fastest growing economies – the level of___________ poverty is over 50%.8. rural
Most Cubans live in the nation’s __________ areas where manufacturing jobs are present – especially sugar cane refining. urban
Most of Brazil’s population is found in the ___________ coastal region of the country because of the nation’s vibrant tourism industry. eastern
Oranges, papayas, sugarcane, and soybeans are also important agricultural ____________ in Brazil. commodities
Even though only 7% of Brazil’s land is arable, it leads the world in ___________ production. coffee
Brazil’s climate is mostly ___________ in the north of the country, although there are temperate zones south of the Tropic of Capricorn. tropical
Millions of Mexicans have migrated to the nation’s capital, Mexico City, seeking employment in the ____________ sector. Mexico has vast deposits of petroleum, so its oil refining and automotive industries are major employers. industrial
Most of Mexico’s population resides in the interior of the country where ___________ farmland is prevalent. arable
Mexico and Brazil have both made __________investment in their petroleum extraction and refining technologies. Cuba, meanwhile, has made only minimal investment in its sugar processing facilities. capital goods
Another factor which can greatly impact a nation’s GDP is its level of investment in __________ which are the factories, machinery, technology, etc. that are necessary to sustain a service or industry. capital goods
GDP per capita measures the average annual income of citizens in a given nation
One way to ensure a healthy and growing GDP is to invest in ____________, which is to say the relative health, education, and training of a nation’s labor force. human capital
The economic strength of a nation is determined by measuring its _________ which is the estimated total value of all the final goods and services produced in a nation in a year’s time. GDP
In the case of Cuba, although the literacy rate is one of the highest in the world, standards of living on the island remain poor due to economic mismanagement on the part of Cuba’s ______ government Communist
_________ literacy rates typically correlate to lower standards of living. low
In order for a region to sustain high-quality, well-paying, in-demand jobs, its labor force must be : literate
______________are used to determine how much one nation’s currency is worth in terms of another’s. (e.g. 1.00 U.S. dollar ≈ 3.17 Brazilian reals) exchange rates
Which of the following is/are a negative outcome associated with NAFTA the outsourcing of numerous manufacturing jobs from the United States to Mexico,the loss of numerous farm-related jobs (and locally-owned farms in general) in Mexico, damage done the Mexican environment by Canadian mining companies
Which of the following is/are a positive outcome associated with NAFTA: the elimination of import tariffs, which increased the level of trade among the three nations, a reduction in the overall price of consumer goods, an increase in foreign investment among and within the three nations
____________ was signed in 1994 by the government of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, established one of the world’s largest free-trade zone. NAFTA
A ________ of a specific product or of a specific country’s or company’s product(s) may be exercised by citizens within a country even when there is no official embargo in place at the national level. boycott
A __________ blocks all trade with another nation. This may be employed for safety reasons, but is more frequently used to punish rogue states. embargo
A __________ places a limit on imported goods. This is done so that cheaper imports do not flood domestic markets and put domestic producers out of business. quota
A __________ places a tax on imported good. This is done to artificially inflate the price of a cheaper foreign product to make the price of domestic products more competitive. tariff
Created by: jpkelley