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India WH

Study Stack for India Test

Hinduism Caste system
Buddhism No caste system
Hinduism Not based on individuality
Buddhism Based on individuality
Hinduism Gods & goddesses
Buddhism Able to break reincarnation cycle
Hinduism Rituals in text
Hinduism Dharma - Niche
Buddhism Flexible class systems
Hinduism Set order
Hinduism From within India
Buddhism From outside of India
Buddhism Imported from west to east, starting in Asia
The 4 noble truths 1. Sorrow & suffering are part of life 2. Unhappiness is based on human desires 3. Man needs to "not want"... Nirvana 4. Follow the middle way
The 4 passing sites 1. Poor man 2. Sick man 3. Dead man 4. Religious man
Siddhartha Son of a noble man
How long was Siddhartha's quest? 6 years
How old was Siddhartha? 29 years old
How long did it take Siddhartha to get to enlightenment under the Bohdi tree? 49 days
The 8 fold path 1. Right views 2. Right thought 3. Right speech 4. Right action 5. Right livelihood 6. Right effort 7. Right mindfulness 8. Right meditation
What makes 100%? 29 yrs + 4 sites + 6 yrs quest + 4 truths + 8 fold path
Buddhism Reincarnation not needed to reach Nirvana
Hinduism Reincarnation needed to reach Nirvana
Theravada Original teaching of Buddha
Mahayana Made Buddha a god
Theravada Southeast Asia (Vietnam, , Cambodia, Laos)
Mahayana Tibet, China, Japan, Korea
Cause: Aryans had no central ruler Results: Overrun by Persians & Greeks
Alex Brought unity & stability But was an outside force
India Subcontinent & separate from Asia
3 regions 1. Himalayas 2. Northern Plains 3. Deccan Plateau
Himalayas Highest mountain range on the plant Very cold only few resign
Northern Plains South of Mountains The Indus & Ganges River plains Fertile, good water Majority of pop. resides here
Deccan Plateau Dry.... depends on monsoon Seasonal winds.. cross Asia Winter-dry... summer wet
Early Indian cities Mohejna-Dara & Harappa
What are 3 economic advantages? Grains, fruits, & cotton
What animals were domesticated? Elephants, sheep, goats, cats, & dogs
Why were the cities abandoned? Aryans attacked Floods Rivers change direction Soil exhaustion
Created by: drea_morris