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WH Wynn Final Rev. B

Age of Exploration to WW1

25. What were the key beliefs of Martin Luther? All people of faith are equal, salvation through faith alone, anyone can have access to God
26. What beliefs did the Catholic Church agree on at the Council of Trent? The Church’s interpretation of the Bible was final, good works AND faith are necessary for salvation
27. What were the effects of the invention of the printing press? Increased literacy and use of vernacular
28. What were the goals of the European explorers? 3Gs: God: spread Christianity; Gold: gain wealth & trade routes to Asia; Glory: fame, claim land for your country
29. Early European explorers who came to the New World were looking for a shorter route to where? Asia
30. Why were they looking for this faster route? Spices; they wanted their own routes to Asia for trade to avoid Italian merchants
31. What new improvements in technology were used by explorers? Caravel, astrolabe, sextant
32. What were the effects of the Columbian Exchange? Spread of microbes/disease, new crops introduced to Europe and the Americas, slave trade soon began, disease wiped out many Native Americans
33. How did the Scientific Revolution change thinking about the physical universe? Theories were now based on observation and experimentation
34. What idea was John Locke famous for coming up with? Man is born with natural rights--life, liberty, property
35. What idea was Jean Jacques Rousseau famous for coming up with? Social contract theory
36. What were the causes of the French Revolution? Unequal class structure (3rd Estate had no representation), bad harvests & increased bread prices, foreign debt, high taxes on 3rd Estate
37. In what ways were the American Revolution and South American independence movements similar? Their revolutionary ideas were based on Enlightenment political ideas
38. How did the Enlightenment influence the revolutions in America, France, and South America? Ideas of representative and democratic government
39. Who led the revolution for independence in Haiti? Toussaint L’Ouverture
40. What was a common goal of the Salt March in India, the Boxer Rebellion in China, and the Zulu resistance in South Africa? The removal of foreign imperialistic powers from their home countries
41. What were the causes of the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857? Issues over religious beliefs of the Sepoys
42. What did Adam Smith’s theory of laissez-faire economics say about the role of government in the economy? Economic liberty was the foundation of a natural economic system, the government shouldn’t interfere.
43. What changes during the Agricultural Revolution led to the Industrial Revolution? Producing more food with fewer workers
44. What problems did the Industrial Revolution create according to Karl Marx? There were a few wealthy business people but the majority of people were poor workers.
45. What were some effects of industrialization? Pollution, crowded cities
46. What was the effect of imperialism in Africa prior to World War I? Most of Africa was overtaken by European countries, only Ethiopia and Liberia were independent.
47. What were the main causes of World War I? M: militarism, A: alliances, I: imperialism, N: nationalism
48. How did alliances cause World War I? Nations were pulled into the war because of pacts of friendship signed with other countries.
Created by: Ms.Wynn