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Nomadic tribes in America grew maize, beans, and squash. False
Native Americans in the Northwest built great burial mounds that can still be seen today. False
Native Americans in the Southwest used dry-land farming methods. True
Hawaiian women did the cooking and gardening like the native American women. False
All Native Americans built the same kinds of houses because they did not have modern tools. False
Native American cultures were different because some groups were smarter than other groups. False
The first people on the North American continent came to: Find food
The Natchez tribe had: four social classes
In the Iroquois culture, the people who owned the crops were: women
Southwestern Indians chose to live in pueblos for: protection
Which people lived in pueblos in the Southwest? Anasazi
Which of the following was not used by Native Americans to make weapons? metal
The people who formed a five-nation confederacy in the Northeast were whom? Iroquois
Which of the following were tribes of the Northwest? Chinook, Haida, Hupa
Which of the following were tribes of the South? Natchez, Cherokees, Creeks
The most important animal for the Indians of the plains was the __________. buffalo
The tribes of California were forced into missions by the: Spanish
Many archaeologists believe that Native Americans came to North America from ______ by crossing the Bering Strait. Asia
Eskimo means eaters of: raw meat
People in a region sharing the same speech patterns and sounds speak a dialect. true
Native Americans did not group themselves in classes. False
Americans are the only people to assign status to different people in society. False
Social class stereotypes are easy to erase. False
Most of the immigrants before the Revolutionary War were Italian. False
The first Japanese families came to America to work in the logging industry. False
Match the following. 1. Polish 2 Estevanico 2. African 5 Sutter 3. Native American 1 Pulaski 4. Italian 4 Columbus and Vespucius 5. German 3 Hiawatha and Sequoyah o
One reason why the Chinese first came to America was to: work in the gold mines
Stereotyping: can be harmful to individuals
Eskimos ate their meat raw when fuel was scarce
Which cultural group enjoyed eating seaweed? Hawaiian
Many early German immigrants settled: around Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Native Americans developed different cultures because: They lived in different environments
Scandinavian people came to our country from all of the following EXCEPT: Belgium
During World War II,_________ Americans were sent to relocation camps in California. Japanese
The immigrants who traded in fur in the Northwest and bought farms in the Midwest were ______. Russian
Three large groups of Hispanic people in our country are from: Cuba Puerto Rico Mexico
The state where most of the early French immigrants settled is Louisiana
Urban planners try to anticipate the results of changes in society. True
Some Native American tribes assimilated the new American culture. True
All holidays were once Holy Days. False
New machines almost never affect the way people live. False
New machines almost never affect the way people live. False
When new machines made farming easier: fewer people were needed to grow our food
American colonists changed their Old World culture when they: ate new food learned new words used new materials
City people who do not form interpersonal relationships with others begin to feel: isolated
One reason that African Americans are different from other ethnic groups is: their ties to their homeland were damaged
Technology is concerned with tools and machinery
The first language a person learns is: home language
The people who fled discrimination and persecution and lived in ghettos in Europe were: Jewish
The largest group of immigrants who came to this country were the: Germans
Three important institutions in our culture besides family and education are: economic economy government religion religious
Prior to industrialization, producing goods was mainly the responsibility of people working in their homes. True
Which of the following is NOT one of the factors that divides society into classes? religion
The dominant language in U.S. culture is English
Countries have more material comforts, conveniences, and recreation for their people if the country is less industrialized. False
The merging of one culture into another is called: assimilation
The growth of the cities is referred to as: urbanization
The three broad social class groups are the upper class, the middle class, and the poor class
Some sociologists break these broad groups up into six smaller groups the old rich, the new rich, the upper-middle class, the lower-middle class, the working poor, and the poor.
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